How to Communicate Change: Nine out of Ten Employees Don’t Understand the Reasons

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In their June report, Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) note that only one in ten employees seems to understand why and how their company is about to change.

The paper points out that mastering change depends on how organizations succeed in empowering employees and promoting their willingness and acceptance for change.

The authors name six key factors for successful change:

  • Explain the need for change
  • Make strategy transparent
  • Take demands into account
  • Create opportunities for co-design
  • Invest in further training
  • Strengthen error culture

Companies that have implemented these factors and are willing to establish a culture of change are more successful and more resilient to effects of crisis.

Read the report here (in German only) :
Dietz, Annette / Hammermann, Andrea / Stettes, Oliver, 2022, Hinter den Kulissen des Auf- und Umbruchs: Betriebe im Transformationsprozess. Einblicke in die Transformationserfahrungen von Beschäftigten und Führungskräften und kulturelle Erfolgsfaktoren gelingender Transformationen, IW-Report, Nr. 34, Köln.